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Special fitting design within the hallway. Uniquely designed and handcrafted coat rack that fits the space and the rest of the interior. This coat rack had to be uniquely designed because of the limited space in the hallway. On top of that, this coat rack not only needs hooks to hang coats but also shelves and a drawer to stuff more items. And that all in the limited space. But that all is not challenging enough for us so there is more. The coat rack had to fit into a specific interior. The coat rack has been made of specific chosen materials, colors, and shapes that fit the rest of the interior. But that is the end result let's look at the steps before that...

Coat Rack

Because the coat rack had to fit in the hallway, the first step is to measure the available space. While we are on location, we also take in the interior because the coat rack must fit in there. Now the design process can begin. We start by creating a 3D model that we share with the client. This model is based on available space and interior. We ask the customer's opinion and adjust the model until the customer is satisfied. And then we can start making it…

Custom made coatrack, Kapstok, handgemaa

The Design

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After the customer is satisfied with the design, we immediately start making the coat rack. We start with the frame, this is the base of the coat rack. First we weld everything in place and then we coat it in the right color. Then we move on to the wooden parts. We saw the parts to the right size and made sure the wood has the right color and then put everything together into a coat rack.

In the Making

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The last step is to install the coat rack. Thanks to the good preliminary work we did, it all fits perfectly into place. It also fits nicely in the interior. The success of this product is due to the focus on the details.


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The Details

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