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Handgemaakte epoxy onderzetters

Wide range of coaster options. Very unique coasters with various options to meet every wish. These coasters are just a few of the endless options out there. The coasters are designed to have a unique look. The colors are composed with precision to achieve a unique and excellent combination. The coasters are very functional and of high quality and designed to fit into the interior. But that's the result, let's see the steps for it…


The first thing to do is put together the colors. This, of course, is based on what fits with the rest of the interior. We advise on this, but of course, the customer's wishes are central. It is good to choose the colors of your interior or complementary colors such as with the orange-blue coasters. The coasters can add extra value as a detail by having a different color. For these coasters, we went for a combination of two colors in the coaster and then also two complementary colors. The two sets both contain a dark and a light color. Now that the colors have been determined, it's time to pour the epoxy into the mold…

Handgemaakte onderzetters

The Design

Custom op maat gemaakt meubilair

We use a mold to get the right size. This mold also ensures that all coasters of a set are the same size. To get beautiful coasters, we have to stir through the epoxy after pouring. But not too long because then the colors mix. Stirring briefly ensures that the colors can be seen all over the coaster and not just on one side. After this, it is time to let them harden. When they are healed, they are not ready yet because we still have to work on the details…

In the Making

Epoxy custom op maat gemaakt

At Madicion we know that good products are made by paying attention to the details. That's why the coasters are not finished as soon as they come out of the mold. We finish the coasters by polishing them. Now that the coasters are nice and smooth, they not only look better, but they are also of better quality and that is important to us.

Have you read something that has made you curious whether we can also do something for your interior?

The Details

Handgemaakt epoxy meubels
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