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Gepersonaliseerde meubels, custom handgemaakt meubilair, barneveld, Nederland

Haga que su interior ideal cobre vida con muebles hechos a medida.muebles hechos a mano.

En Madicion no solo hacemos muebles, hacemos interiores.

Inspiración destacada

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¡Bienvenido a nuestro sitio web! Siéntase libre de mirar nuestro catálogo con productos, o si está buscando algo especial, simplemente envíenos un mensaje. Fabricamos muebles a la medida con nuestra experiencia en carpintería, construcción en acero y materiales especiales como epoxi. Tú lo pides y lo fabricamos desde los grandes muebles como sillas o mesas hasta los más pequeños detalles como bandejas o posavasos. Brindamos un valor agregado porque no  solo hacemos muebles nosotros hacemos interiores. 


  • Can you make this specific product?
    The answer is almost always yes, if it is physically possible then we can make it. Even when it is not possible we can come up with a solution. If you see something we made or shared or when you see something somewhere else that inspired you, just send us a message and together we will most definitely come to the right product.
  • Do you have stock products or do you only make products on request?
    We primarily focus on making handcrafted custom products on request, because that way we can truly fit the product into the desired interior. However, we like trying new things and making innovative products so we do make some extra products that are for sale as well.
  • Where are you located? Can you deliver products here?
    We are located in the middle of the Netherlands. We mainly make products for locals and people out of the Benelux and Germany. Because of logistics, it is better to order out of those areas, the transport costs will be higher if ordered out of anywhere else in the world. But it is possible, we can deliver our products anywhere, and especially our advice is available for everyone!
Gepersonaliseerd interieur Barneveld

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